About David Wendys and Nutec Homes

We are a low cost home alternative construction company

About Us

We are a company based in Cape Town (Blue downs). We do installation of Wendy houses , Fiber houses and Vibe houses. Installation and delivery done. All sizes are done and custom made design welcome. We also do electrical, plumbing, ceilings and dry walls. We offer other services such as renovations, extensions, moving of Wendys. We do everything that's needed in a house. From start to finish. Good quality, long lasting, A grade houses.

We offer a wide range of services in the industry including Wendy houses, Fiber homes, Plumbing, roofing, electrical, painting, roofing and more.

Our integrity underlies the Company’s relationships with customers, suppliers and communities. The highest standards of ethical business conduct are our motto in fulfilling our responsibilities. All our employees must adhere to our core principles of business conduct and ethics, and have a clear conscious and personal commitment to doing what is right. Honesty, integrity, fairness and quality of work are expected in all aspects of our business.

We were founded in 2014 by the Late David Chiwewete. Currently being run by the surviving wife, we always strive to deliver the best service. Our work speaks for itself. We have testimonies from past and present clients.

What is our Technology?

We make use of man-made fiber board technology. This type of board has a number of properties that make it perfect for building structures inn our harsh environment.


Impervious to rot

Incredibly hard wearing

Low maintenance - a lick of paint once in a while to make it look pretty

Resistant to pest damage - bugs can't get into it, rats hate the feel on their teeth

It can be painted with any masonry paint product to match your current color scheme

When used over a properly treated frame, this fiber material is long lasting, hard wearing and an attractive way to get the building you want.

This fiber can be used as large, flat boards, or as simulated planks, complete with wood effect grain patterns


Years of experience


Projects from idea to completion


Industry awards won

Here's what our customers say

”With only a handful of ideas from me, the team designed and produced the most spectacular kitchen, one that I know the whole family will love for years to come.”

- Clarice Turner

I have worked with the team on a number of client installations. They always know the exact furniture or fittings to create to ensure every space is special.

- Brian Moten

”Watching the team at work is mesmerizing. Their knowledge of joinery is second to none, and I feel privileged to have their unique furniture in my own home.”

- Joyce Gould

We ensure superior interior finish.

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