Wendy Houses

Traditional Wendy houses are great, cost effective way to create additional space, from out buildings to homes. Great to look at, easy to own.

Typically we build our wooden Wendy houses using treated timber frames clad with treated pine boards arranged in an overlapping pattern- this means that rain runs down the outside walls but cannot ever run into the interior.
Whether its for a home, site office, or simple garden storage, if treated correctly, and with a little TLC, your wooden wendy house can last a life-time.
We offer a full service, from simple structures, to producing ready to live in homes- our teams of qualified electricians, plumbers, and decorators, can fullfil all your needs. And we are fully capable of building on a concrete foundation if you require something more permanent.
All work is carried out by our full-time, fully qualified, team of professionals, and work is covered by a one year guarantee. We build to exceed current standards and best practices, and all work fully complies with SABS.

What can we do for you?

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